We do our job, so you can keep doing yours.
We know numbers, and won’t ever treat you like one.
We file smart, not out of fear.

Welcome from the team at DeDecker Wertz CPAs

For us, numbers are the magic behind every success story.

DeDecker Wertz CPAs is a local Wisconsin tax advisory firm helping people and businesses grow, with offices in Brookfield and Germantown. With a 25-year successful track record, our team manages the financial reporting of small business owners, self-employed entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals alike. But the real ‘DeDecker Wertz Difference’ is that we’re truly invested in and galvanized by what we do here.

Though every business model can be tweaked, and every spreadsheet can be optimized, we want to develop a financial strategy around your goals, not ours. DeDecker Wertz CPAs approaches each case individually, because small businesses are as unique as the people behind them.

DeDecker Wertz CPAs Team
We get to know your business and you.

Our Services

Tax Preparation and Planning
We file smart, not out of fear.

With our tax and accounting experts at the helm, you can better manage your financial liabilities, improve your cash flow, and make the system work for you. In an ever-changing landscape of regulations and tax law, our team stays up to date to lessen your risk of becoming a target of the IRS.

Business Financial Consulting
We know numbers, and won’t ever treat you like one.

We provide assistance in developing business strategies including guidance on taxes, capital investments, and insurance decisions to keep your ideas moving forward. Our team leverages our experience of working with lenders and investors in order to help you navigate the process of gathering the capital you need for further expansion, upgrades, and growth.

Monthly Bookkeeping and Payroll Accounting
We do our job, so you can keep doing yours.

Our monthly bookkeeping and payroll services allow business owners to focus on what they do best – running their business. While you prioritize customer service and business development, we work proactively behind the scenes to ensure that you can keep your focus on your ability to grow.


The DeDecker Wertz Difference

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DeDecker Wertz CPAs thrives on providing solutions to problems that every business owner dreads, but doesn’t have the time for. While we dig deep into otherwise time-consuming financial upkeep and tax filings, our customers can refocus on running the businesses they want to grow. Most importantly, DeDecker Wertz CPAs’ collaborative method keeps us accountable and you in the loop, so that our customers don’t have to manage us – they can go back to managing their business.

You don’t have to dread going to your accountant – we make managing your company’s finances virtually pain free. Navigating taxes and regulations can be complicated and time consuming – but you shouldn’t brave those waters alone. That’s where we come in. With the right guidance and the right program, you can take steps to help protect yourself and your business if they become targets of regulators. Bottom line, DeDecker Wertz CPAs provides peace of mind and credibility with agencies and lending institutions, so that you can run your business instead of worrying about financial details.

We solve the problems you didn’t even know were holding you back.


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When it comes to your financials, security is number one.
Due to increased phishing and human engineering hacker attacks targeting CPA firms, our website, by design, does not have a contact form – however, we would still welcome the opportunity to speak with you. If you’re interested in setting up a no cost or obligation discovery meeting, please call us any time during our regular office hours at (262) 512-1099. Our team is ready to accommodate you with an initial meeting via Zoom video chat or an in-person conversation.